In year 2003 we got interested in motorsport and immediately became passionate about it.


The Founder

We started participating in car racing and amateur rallies. Having visited many cities in the Urals in Russia we made new friends and got the idea what a cool competition should be like. We started organizing car racing competitions, which gained popularity, so we acquired sponsors.

We decided that we would be able to organize a drift championship, so we started Urals ULD Championship in cooperation with the organizers from other cities, however we realized soon it was too boring and lost interest. Later we returned to car racing, but this time using well-tuned cars and started winning practically every official competition.

Later we opened a car tuning shop. We wanted to continue racing, but without too many complications, so we started taking part in street drift, which spontaneously took place every winter night.

After some time, we started making spare parts for our cars and as we reached high quality, we started selling them at our shop. Fenders have always been our favourite product and we decided why not start making them? Having set high quality standards we are constantly improving our fender flares so that other car fans can enjoy them, too.